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the depths of tumblr echoed with the posts of ambastards

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hi everyone!!

i’m sorry this blog hasn’t been very active lately (the reasons why are under the cut if you’re curious)

but i think i’ll be back to posting more often now

i have a few gif requests to do, then i want to continue my favorite newsies things meme

you can send me an ask with your favorite thing(s) about newsies if you’d like!!

- treble

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lab reports | newsies | spot conlon/david jacobs

"do you maybe want to stay with me for the weekend? medda mentioned that she’d like to meet you, and so did sean"

[author’s note: for my darling beth, who asked for spot/david, best friends sibling au

i love you so much and i hope this makes you smile <3]

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not a morning person | newsies | specs/dutchy/bumlets

alex was definitely not a morning person, and most days he needed at least two cups of coffee in order to function

[author’s note: i’ve been fighting writer’s block for a while, so i wrote this just to write something

also most of this was written between 3 and 6 in the morning, so uh just a warning

alex is bumlets, chris is dutchy, and richi is specs]

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are we okay? | newsies | dutchy/bumlets

bumlets had a problem. it wasn’t that he wasn’t sexually attracted to anyone, and that he didn’t want to have sex…. it also wasn’t that he didn’t fall in love. he’d never been romantically attracted to anyone, and he was fine with that

his problem was dutchy

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